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Evernote for Web 10.53

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We have released Evernote for Web 10.53.

We are progressively rolling out this version. If you do not see it yet, it will be available soon and you do not need to take any action. (to check the web version you are on, click the "Need a little help" menu at bottom left, then click “Release Notes”.

New to Evernote for Web

  • You can now set a recurring task to be due a specific length of time after you last marked it as completed. That way, if you're running a little behind on something that needs to be done "every 30 days" (for example), the whole series will automatically update.
  • We’re doing a better job referencing keyboard shortcuts on tooltips, particularly for Tasks

Let us know what you think and we appreciate the continued feedback. We will keep hard at work! Thank you!


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