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Received email...from myself today (???) about sharing a note...



Today I was going through my email from earlier and found an email from Evernote. Without opening anything I clicked on the email and it is from "no-reply@messages.evernote.com". It is basically saying that I shared a note with myself, and provided me with a link to files I have on the system (at this point it is a file of photos for a project I have been working on). I know for a fact I did not send myself anything, nor had I actually been in Evernote for the past few days. I had saved some emails, etc. from Outlook 365 on my Mac, but other than that, I had not actually been in the app or desktop. Anyone else having this? My password is a 33 character random generated alpha/number/special character combo. I have changed it just in case, but I highly doubt I was hacked as I do not use the same password for any two apps or sites. Thanks.

Evernote Issue.pdf

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If you have doubts about account security, check your account information, tab devices. Any unusual device there ?

From a security standpoint it is better to enable 2FA than relying on a complex password only. If you catch a key logger even a "good" password will be captured - 2 FA can't be compromised this way.

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