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Exporting, Saving, or Copy/paste to Microsoft Word issues to resolve

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After painstakingly editing a note in Evernote, including the addition of check boxes and lists, the formatting is lost (specifically and mostly check boxes and lists) is lost upon transfer to WORD. What is the solution if I want to create my notes and then digitally configure them to be read or edited by others who do not use Evernote?

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Are you using the EN version from the AppStore, or the direct download ? The AppStore version runs the same software in a sandboxed mode, sometimes leading to data exchanges issues with other apps. This is nothing sure, on some systems it is very noticeable, on others it runs smoothly.

If it is the AppStore version, you could give a try to the direct download. In this case get the free app AppCleaner from the internet, and use it to purge all parts of the existing EN installation. Then restart the Mac, and install fresh from the EN website.

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Would it be possible to create your note in Word (or wherever),  or at least write your initial thoughts in Evernote but copy/ paste the basic text into Word for the detailed layout,  then attach your Word file to the note for possible future editing?  If you need to feed the search index you could copy/ paste the content from Word to Evernote,  but that's only for search or quick reference purposes - the layout is not then important.

Alternatively I use an add-in called Postachio http://postach.io/ which converts an Evernote notebook to a blog.  Markdown is supported for blog pages,  but I haven't used that widely yet.  I use the service - here's my oddly-named take on that -  https://cliffeactual.postach.io (password protected sites are available)

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