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The feature you are lauding and the complexity you are criticizing are two sides of the same coin.

Initially lists in EN legacy were just formatted text. With v10 came a nice feature, a handle that allows to easily move an entire line of text.

Toggling is still another feature - for lists and more, like collapsible sections. It seems not so easy to implement toggling based on the plain HTML notes we have today. We will see what happens after the new syncing method has launched, which is linked to a different data model.

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This is something that notion does really well. I find it too complex as a system for me overall, but EN is behind in not having a toggle function. Its now present in a lot of note taking apps and is insanely useful for decluttering and things like active recall.

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This feature is in my wishlist since the first time I use EN (late 2014... as a portable version it was at that time). This feature would help a lot to better organize my notes, mainly the big ones!

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