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Text editing: don't underline spaces at the end of a selection




I would like to ask that when I select a sentence and click on underline, if I accidentally select the space that is just after the last word in the sentence, that this word is not underlined. That would look like this:

CURRENT SITUATION: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur 

REQUESTED FEATURE: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur 

In this example, the space directly after the word dolor that was selected was underlined.

But it would be much smarter if the editor could guess that it was not relevant to underline this "dead" space...

Many thanks

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These are 2 different actions: Selection is one, setting the selected string to „underline“ is a second, independent one.

Usually such actions are kept separate. The second action won’t retroactively change the outcome of the first.

Better select exactly what you want to reformat.

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I like this idea as I don't think I would ever want a space, as shown in the example, to be underlined.

I do wonder though that there might be times where some people *would* actually want that behavior and then it would be frustrating that they couldn't get it to underline like they specifically selected. And so then we could say -- well then, let's have a setting for it and people can set a preference but then that becomes a lot more work for something rather niche.

In the end, although I really like this idea, I agree with Pink that it's probably just worth the effort to make sure what you have selected is what you want underlined.

Here is a tip though for both Windows and Mac: If you double-click on a word it will highlight that whole word, then hold the Shift key down and press and hold the left mouse button. Now move the mouse cursor and only whole words will be selected. You can still highlight the space in between words, but you have to move your cursor exactly over that space. This should make it easier to not accidentally underline the space.

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Thanks for your replies. 

I keep believing it is a good idea, and that the "it doens't exist because one can do without it" answer is just not good enough. Microsoft OneNote does that really well. 

It's not the first time that I get this type of answer here in the Evernote users community, and I am starting to wonder to what extent the community is really willing to improve the product for the satisfaction of the users.

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We all think our feature requests have merit -- otherwise we wouldn't post them -- but there are literally thousands of feature requests in this forum and it would be a disaster if even 5% of them were implemented. Every feature request merits scrutiny and discussion. Regardless, even if a feature request gets a ton of support in the forums though, it doesn't mean that Evernote is going to implement it. There are numerous examples of that.

IMO, the very best take-away from the forums is that there are suggestions in the comments about different ways of doing something and I've learned a ton from that over the last couple of years. I've used it to better take advantage of Evernote's features and workaround some things that I perceive as limitations.

3 hours ago, eyeflex said:

It's not the first time that I get this type of answer here in the Evernote users community, and I am starting to wonder to what extent the community is really willing to improve the product for the satisfaction of the users.

I notice that you've only made 10 comments in 5 feature request posts that you made yourself. You yourself haven't commented support or added to the discussion for others' feature requests in the forums.

FWIW - I'm the one that had upvoted your post before your subsequent comment.

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Ok, I understand. Thanks for the clarification. Too many good ideas needs a bit of sorting and priorization. 

And thanks for the comment on the support. I have to admit I'm a mere passive user here and not much to contribute beyond my ideas as a daily user of Evernote. 

It's a programme that I used to love and I have been disappointed in the last couple of years with the changes in plans prices and features that did not match the original ones that I had collected. Now that I have all of my personal (sometimes very personal) data in the software, I feel very upset that the company can, imho, make abusive changes and unfair price hikes (100% in less than 5 years). But I guess that's a story for another day/thread.

I admire community projects that work well, I just don't recognize myself in this one anymore. And unfortunately, there is no other way than the community to make suggestions of new features. Cheers

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