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annotation on Evernote iOS

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In a recent topic, several people noted the nice workflow of annotating PDFs in Evernote on a Mac (and I presume a PC), where you can open the PDF, annotate it and save it, and it saves back to Evernote. 


I am wondering about if and how this works on Evernote iOS. I annotate a lot of PDFs on my iPad, and I would love to be able to do something similar, but I have never been able to figure it out. Even if I download a PDF file into my Files, it doesn't sync back when it is saved. Does anybody know if there is a workflow for this kind of thing on Evernote iOS? 


Anyway, thanks! 



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Apps on iOS run in a sandbox mode - all of them. This reduces the possibility of interactions between apps, basically to the Sharing function.

Sharing uses a sort of inbox where it drops an information. It can’t reach into another app, to save back into a container (a note) held in the internal database of that app.

So the short answer is: I don’t think anything similar to the Mac‘s Preview exchange is possible on the mobile app.

On mobile external editing is possible through sharing a pdf, but the result will be send back into a new note.

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