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naming multiple notes (and notebooks?) at one time



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6 hours ago, iamchadnelson said:

maybe this is a function? id be surprised if it is not... but it would be nice to be able to highlight as many notes as we want and title/retitle/adjust the naming of them across all that are selected.

I'm not entirely sure how you envisage this working. I'm going to assume you are on one of the desktop versions (Windows or Mac). I assume you don't want to give all the notes the same name, so are you thinking that there should be a way of quickly cycling through the title filelds of the selected notes, making changes as you go?

Although that functionaility doesn't exist at the moment, there are some shortcuts that make life easier. Let's imagine you have your list of notes where you want to modify the titles and that the top note is currently selected (either blue or gray selection box, it doesn't matter in this case). Shortcuts are for Windows, so will be a bit different on Mac

  • Press F2. The title field of the first note is highlighted and you can rename it by just typing in the new name or you can edit it
  • Alt+Ctrl+\ switches the focus back to the note list
  • Down arrow to progress to the next note

Then repeat.

If you have a long list of notes with some random ones needing attention then I would select the ones you need to work on and then add a tag (e.g. "rename"). You can then filter by that tag to get you a list of notes which need work.

I know this isn't exactly what (I think) you want but isn't a bad workaround.

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