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confused regarding pdf annotation on my Macbook

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When I have attached a pdf to a note in evernote and when I come back to it, I double click on it and it opens up in preview, I can annotate it, do I need to save it using (Command -S) and will it then save the changes in my note within evernote? The reason I am not using the annotation tool within evernote is lack of flexibility compared to preview.



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Sure, that’s exactly how it works on a Mac.

You can use cmd-S to save, which keeps you in editing mode, with your changes saved into the note. To finish editing use cmd-W (close window). This will close the window in which the edits were made, returning you to the note where you started.

When using cmd-W there is no need to use cmd-S before. It will automatically save. Just don‘t use cmd-Q while in Preview - this will probably exit the document without saving it first.

If you want to use another app instead (like PDF Expert), I think you can change the standard app for PDFs to make it open in this alternative. I run with Preview, it does in general a great job on PDFs.

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