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6 day new account still unable to share notebooks

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Who knows how long this will take?  If not what other suggestions do you have so I can deactivate this account.  I have an entire team that I need to share these notebooks with and we can not be efficient without notebooks being shared.  I need a quick resolution.

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If you are running an entire team waiting to receive your shared notes, we are talking about a Professional subscription here.

By trying to run this on a FREE account, there are 2 options: It is not important at all, or you are saving at the wrong spot.

So reevaluate your account status, or you need to wait it out.

Hint: Subscribing is possible for a single month.

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Thank you.  The person that suggested this had a free account and used the exact same way so we are not paying for professional.  I would just like to know the wait time but I may just need to find another tool with quick access that I am not paying per user for.  

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A paid subscription is a means for obtaining support. Direct support is a paid service. You have the choice of paying annually or per case/month. A months support costs about the price of a couple of take away coffees. If you choose to pay for one month then you'll be covered for anything else arises in that month.

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I didn’t say „per user“ - this would be an EN Teams account, you are welcome, send my provisions at …

No, what I say is this: There should be (at least) one user on Professional, the rest can stay on Free. Professional has some additional features to manage information and tasks directed at a group working together, like on a project.

It is no real collaboration on a joint company database, but to start on a shoestring it will probably do.

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