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(Archived) Widget gone


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Just received my first Android phone Friday and you can guess what app was first instaled. I was thrilled to discover the Widget.

Today I swapped out the SD card for a bigger one. Afterwards, my Widget was gone, and is not in the list to add it again. I reinstalled Evernote, but alas, still no widget.

Any suggestions?

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You need to install Evernote (and any other apps that feature widgets) on your Android's internal memory rather than the SD card. This is a limitation of the Android OS in general -- widgets don't work well (or at all) from the SD card.

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Here's a link to a page in Android's official Developers Guide, titled "Applications That Should NOT Install on External Storage." App widgets are definitely on that list.


So it's definitely an Android issue. What it probably means is that the Evernote app shouldn't allow itself to be installed on an SD card ... whether that's the case or not, I don't know.

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It's a tough decision, since there are probably people who don't use our widget at all, but want to install us on the SD card. We don't want to prevent this option for those people just because the OS has a "quirk" for widget users.

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Probably, a good idea would be to split it to 2 apps: core evernote and evernote widget. This way you can install evernote on SD while still having widget available.

And I guess it goes without saying that people try to move the app on SD for good reasons, there is just not enough memory left on their devices, this is not just a matter of conveniency. Not enough memory - can't install the app.

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I think splitting EN Android into a separate app and widget would cause some problems -- keeping everything in sync, for example, and the increased battery drain that might cause. For me, at least, it wouldn't be worth it.

As it is now, someone who doesn't use the widget can install EN on the SD card, and will be fine. And until something fundamental in Android changes, using an EN widget will always need space in the phone's internal memory.

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