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Web Clipper not working after Wikipedia Interface Update

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WebClipper needs to know which information is where, because based on this the content is converted into the web clip format embedded into the note. When a site changes its layout, it can create a massive problem. This is the more true for the most popular sites, because EN makes an effort to reproduce them as close to the original as possible.

Contact EN about it via support ticket - they usually need a few weeks to reproduce the changes, and release a new clipper version.

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3 hours ago, Jon/t said:

Check the version of your web clipper as it updated yesterday/today.

I'm on Edge Clipper v29 which has the new Tasks option - I understand Firefox is also on that version,  while others have got 7.30.  In my case I'd confirm that even the new clipper still doesn't work on that page (or at least mine won't load).  I can only suggest you find an alternative way to copy the page,  or talk to Support again...  If you do find a way around this,  please let us know!

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Solution for Edge until the ostensibly working v30 is available for it.  Open evernote on web, create note, perform a "select all" on wikipedia page, drag and drop it onto newly created note.  Keep calm and carry on, until such time as v30 is available for Edge. Then clip every single Wikipedia page. That'll show 'em.

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