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Typing [[ to trigger note picker to add note link and /slash commands



As Evernote supports backlinks now, I think it will be easy to use insert link to other notes by invoking note selector just by tying [[ , then (may be auto-fill helper) select note to add the note link. 

for power users / slash commands may be helpful. 

these things make Evernote even more powerful in terms of user experience for power users who wants to depend only on keyboard for faster processing. 

I know Evernote is focused on features that majority utilise. But I hope it may bring few features like these for power users. 

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It's important to be able to create a new note from the Insert Note Link dropdown.

The ideal way this would work is that:

1. You type in the title of the note you are looking for in the "Find note..." text box

2. If the note with that title doesn't exist then the option exists to create the note and return a link to that newly created note back to the original page

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