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Locked Out do to Unsync Issue

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I recently bought a new phone and went to log into Evernote on my new phone. It said I couldn't log in because I already had 2 devices sync'ed, so I need to unsync one of them. So I unsync'ed my old phone which I don't own anymore. Tried to log in and got the same error message telling me I needed to unsync. So I tried to unsync again, and when I went to log in, same error message telling me to unsync, but now, when I go to log it, it says I've exhausted my two unsync's for the month and logs me out immediately. 

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SAME! This has been happening to me since I got my loaner phone when mine was repaired. Now that I’ve upgraded to a new device, I even gave it a new name, yet it won’t let me in. 

I understand why they use these limits but I am not trying to cheat the system. I only use one device (although I signed in using the website in order to access my passwords to, you know, GET a new device). 

It just feels like I’m being blackmailed into upgrading to the paid version. For what I will essentially only use to correct their issue I’m not recognizing my devices. And yet, unless I pay for a subscription, I can’t even contact them to discuss this issue. SMH. 

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19 hours ago, BCBev said:

I can’t even contact them to discuss this issue.

I don't think there's room for discussion:  if you're locked out,  you have to wait for the account to refresh / update for at least one month (check your upgrade page and App store for a possible monthly payment option...) / or start a temporary additional account if you have another email address available.  See https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218558068 for more...

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