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Low syncing of tasks between different units




I have just started using Evernote, and I experience slow syncronization between units. So if I check one or more boxes on my phone in the evening, the next the day when i use my PC, it takes up to several minutes before it is synced. It is especially annoying when I look at the widget on my phone, and see things I have already done, and it is still on my to do list.

Can I do something I use windows 10 Android phone and Ipad.

Hope you can help Carsten

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We are just other users here.

For me syncing is usually fast between my 9 devices. It may take a little when I haven't used a device for a while - because it needs to sync a lot of new content then. But in general sync starts within a minute after opening a client.

You can force a sync, on mobile in the app settings, on desktop by ctrl/cmd-R.

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