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After searching the note use a shortcut key to move the focus the nth result

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I am on mac evernote 10.52.8. 


User Experience Expected:

When I search a document using `cmd+f` and I find 14 results.

Then I hit enter 7 times and reach the 7th result.

What shortcut key can I use to switch the focus to the 7th result in the note rather than going to the top of the document?


Please see video for an explanation - https://capture.dropbox.com/JWE96K2yI9kS0lcG


Thank you,



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Good point. It is not even that easy to get into the body of the note, while leaving Find box open, without using the mouse. F2 (on Windows - you will need to look up the equivalent) gets you into the title feld. from which you can use the down arrow etc to move to the blue highlight amongst the yellow ones. 

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