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(Archived) Conflicting changes - move to bottom of list



Currently, the conflicting changes - notebook is sorted correctly between all custom notebooks but has its distinct icon. I experience conflicts quite often due to the fact that I work in Evernote on two maschines(notebook and office computer, switching from one to the other randomly :( ). Removing the conflict is easy, but I find the empty folder distracting among my own folders and therefore delete it - and guess, it always comes back after a while...

Would it be an option for you to move the "Conflicting Changes" folder to the bottom of the list (as it is a special folder and not a user generated folder) thus not sorting it with the others? (Other option would be an auto-delete if empty. If moved to bottom I would as well keep the folder and never delete it. My point: I am distracted by its position among my well-sorted stacks and notebooks not by the folder itself).

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I think most people are a lot less cavalier about having conflicting notes. I know I am, eventhough I use EN on two computers each day b/c I don't want to have to compare the notes & figure out what was changed, so I don't lose any of the changes. So I think it's good for them to be in a prominent position.

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There is a warning message (pop-up) after syncing, isn't it?

I don't recall seeing one. There may be one that pops up & then goes away (like many of the EN messages. But in the case of a conflicting note, I think that's hardly sufficient, since it's certainly reasonable to assume people may not be at their computer, during the sync.

Conflicting changes are an aberration. I can't think of a situation where it could be considered otherwise, or even a good thing. It's fine if this isn't a concern to you & with your use case. But since data loss can occur, it's very risky to make them more discreet by putting the notebook at the bottom of the list. Especially, since people with many notebooks (that take up much of the left pane) may not even notice the notebook for a while.

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I'm finding that the "Conflicting Changes" notepad (one of them, at least) is not disappearing and can't be deleted. It's ugly seeing it there in the interface, when there's nothing I can do about it. Deletion is impossible, as the trash can and delete menu options are disabled when that notebook is selected. The conflict was resolved back in November, and it contains 0 notes, but remains sitting there like an ugly mess. How can I permanently delete it?

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Try right-clicking (or command-clicking) on that entry and Delete it that way.

If that doesn't work, try fully restarting the Mac client first.

new to the EN world. i love it so far though i'm having an issue with headers on the iPad.

anyway...i found the CTRL-click gives u the option to delete the conflicting notebook from the list too

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