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EN Legacy on MAC OS Monterey, "Add search option" not working

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Anyone can confirm if MAC EN Legacy "Add search option" inside "search notes" still work on Monterey?

I have two MACs just upgrade to Monterey yestesday and today I noticed the above function is not working. If I click "Add search option", the cursor went back to search field without showing more search options.

I know EN Legacy won't get any fix but I tried EN v10 many times but never really like it so I try to stay with EN Legacy.

One of MACs is the MAC mini M1, it came in with Ventura and got more issues with EN legacy so I downgraded to Monterey hoping working fine but now got stuck with this issue.

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I just wiped out the whole disk and downgraded one MAC to Big Sur. The first thing I did after login was to install EN Legacy and test the above function and it's the same problem???

Could anyone test MAC EN Legacy on Monterery or Big Sur and let me know if the above function works? Really appreciate it!

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