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This is my first post here; Thanks in advance for your help.

Under Evernote Windows, I encrypted text in a note but now I can no longer decrypt this text, I no longer have the box to enter my password.

How can I recover my encrypt text?

Sorry for my bad english !!

Thanks in advance

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Hi.  Not sure how I can answer you - if you encrypted the text correctly,  then accessing that data should have generated a sign-in box to receive your password.  Evernote have stressed that your password is not something they record...  If you are unable to gain access,  you page may be unaccessible to you...

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49 minutes ago, Dominic03 said:

I no longer have access to the password entry field.

Hmmn.  You've posted in the Evernote Legacy forum - is that your correct version?  In my v6.25,  clicking the encrypted text generates a password box.  In v10 - depending on how you set up the encryption - just clicking the 3-dot menu may reveal the content...


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