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No check list using bullet points on Samsung Galaxy s8+

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A few months ago, I noticed after an update, that my check list with bullet points is shown on my phone as a normal round points bullet  list.

I was using that checklist as a shopping list and without the check bullets that make it a check list is pretty useless. 

I did not report this earlier, because I kept hoping another patch will fix it. 

For comparison. and to avoid confusion, since English is not my first language, I attached two images, one with the view from my macOs and one from the phone.

Cheers  & keep up the good work!




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The Evernote V8 app for Android is no longer supported. It does not have access to the newest features including the checklist that you are using in v10 of the desktop apps.

The best solution would be to use checkbox on the desktop which are supported on Android V8.

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Hello, and welcome to the forums. What is your Evernote version number? As @agsteele said, if you have an older Android phone (like mine, Android version 9 or earlier), your Evernote version should be 8.13.3, which is the "terminal" version for these older devices. It has not been updated since June 2020.

So I presume you mean an update to other versions of Evernote on other devices. I can confirm what you are seeing; see the screenshots below. The relationship between checkboxes/checklists in Android v. 8 and in v. 10 has been ongoing for some time, and may well have changed recently. V. 10 has checklists (which can have automatic strikethrough when boxes are checked) and checkboxes, which display as boxes with X in them when "checked" and cannot have strikethrough.  Their underlying formatting does get updated from time to time, but the Android v. 8 app is not updated in how it handles them. Android v. 8 interprets current v. 10 checklists as bulleted lists only, with no boxes, and interprets v. 10 checkboxes as checkboxes, which can be checked in Android v. 8.

Frankly, it's confusing. Agreeing with @agsteele, it's best to use v. 10 checkboxes, inserted from the blue + button (not the editing toolbar, which is checklists). However, what is worse is that v. 10 automatically converts checkboxes to check lists when you start a new line at the end of an item. This can be defeated by typing any text at all, even a . or a -, at the beginning of the line before the checkbox.

I hope this is clear and helpful!


As viewed in v. 10 (Web):


As viewed in Android:



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I understand the version is no longer supported, but the checkboxes used to be there. So what should I understand from this, that you broke them intentionally in the hopes I will buy a new phone to install the new version? Makes no sense to me.

Anyway, thank you for your reply.

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27 minutes ago, IulianaCosmina said:

that you broke them intentionally

Who are you talking to with that "you"? -- there are only other users like you here in this thread that are trying to help you...

I don't have Android, but from what I'm reading in this thread is that you can still use checkboxes on v10 Desktop Evernote and legacy Android -- just don't use the new checklists.

Don't use this:


Use this instead:


And then you'll be fine.

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