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Tasks appearing in Google calendar

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I have a personal plan and am trying to learn how to use tasks/notes.  i have watched several youtube clips and i am not getting a created task (either alone or with a note) that also has a due date to appear in the google calendar. i have evernote and google linked but the task with due date is not appearing on the google side.  i tried the insert calendar event and it still does not display.  What am i doing wrong?   Thanks for help folks.

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THanks!.   on the youtubes it suggests there is a link by using insert with either notes or tasks.  i guess will have to wait for things to develop.  Advertising needs to not say that or suggest that it syncs.  

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Is this an official Evernote video or one of the very many produced by users. If the latter then there is little for Evernote to do.  I've certainly never seen any Evernote material that offers a two way sync.  However, I've spoken with a number of users who infer that it should be possible because that is what they expect..




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