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Nebo text export to Evernote works great.



Sync between Nebo and Evernote would be a great addition. But, I have discovered a newer improvement in Nebo. Within Nebo, you can export a note as text directly to Evernote. This is huge because Evernote can now be a repository of my Nebo notes and it can still be edited within Evernote. Something not possible when exported to Evernote as a PDF. 

Sync between the two would be better and will continue hoping Evernote takes that leap. 

For those of you not familiar with Nebo, it is a MyScript product. MyScript has been around for decades and has always been the best handwriting recognition. I used MyScript handwriting recognition back in the early 2000's on my Windows Tablet PC running a version of Windows XP.  The Nebo app might not have the best notebook features, but the handwriting recognition is by far the best. 

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