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Apply a template by default to new note



I would like the ability to automatically apply a default template to any notebook. For example, if I have a daily stand up notebook the will only ever contain daily stand up notes, then apply a stand-up template by default to each note in the notebook. Other notebooks can have different default templates.

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You can’t force a template on an existing note - it would create a loss of data (at least of formatting ).

If you want a template for a notebook, create a „template“ note, place it in the notebook and duplicate it to create a fresh copy with all properties.

You shouldn’t expect anybody to build a general feature into EN just to serve one of your very personal workflows. Help yourself with what is possible here and now.

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I think the ability to create a note in a notebook with a specific template would be a useful function.

My work around would be the same as @PinkElephant. You will need to manually change the creation date, (ctrl+shift+I on Windows) if that is important to you. The modified date will obviously change as soon as you start adding to your note.

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