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If a note is created during the absence of the Internet, it will not be synchronized. i checked it many times.

  1. no internet on device
  2. create a note
  3. wait for ~2-3 hours
  4. internet availability
  5. the note remove from a phone.

xiaomi redmi note 9s. latest version app

i tried to reinstall the app. it did not help

i checked the comments on google play. many people have the same problem

How can i fix this thing?



P.S.S.:English is not my native language. perhaps there are errors in the text. sorry. i tried.



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5 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Evernote is designed to save notes back to a central server. If you do not have an internet connection Evernote will not work.

a few months ago, when I created a note when there was no internet, the note synced later.
now if I don't have internet and I create a note, the note will definitely be deleted during synchronization. is this correct behaviour?

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  • Evernote Expert

This is an issue that has been reported a few times. My daughter experienced as did I. 

It is not intended. If you go offline and edits should sync when you reconnect.

Please submit a technical support ticket.

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