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Need help in recovering deleted notes from Trash

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To Evernote Team,

I untowardly deleted some notes from the Trash section. Can you pls help in reverting them back?

I thought I selected one note but somehow multiple notes got deleted. Need help in this. Happy to move to a premium account if recovery can be done.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi.  We're not the "Evernote Team" - this is a mainly user-supported forum.  You'd need to contact Support for assistance,  but I suspect they would tell you that deleted notes commonly wind up in the Trash notebook.  Notes deleted from Trash however are two-time losers and not recoverable.  If you kept a backup of your system,  or have a device that has not been synced since the deletions,  you might be able to find 'old' copies of the original notes.  Otherwise,  I'm afraid,  they are completely gone.

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