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Import Folder Improvement : File Name Change -> no more double notes



The import folder is a very nice option to auto import files into Evernote and auto generate notes with these files as content.

Unfortunately if you just rename a file in the import folder, evernote will think it's a new file and you will end up with 2 notes with different names but the same content. 

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And what's exactly new about it ?

In most file systems, the file name is still the main identifier for a file. Not its size, not its creation date, not one of the otherr data points - the file name is the unique designator. You see it in the fact that you can't save 2 files with the same file name into the same path (folder).

When you change the file name, it is a new item, and of course it imports again. For the Import Folder logic it IS new, and so it will grab it.

BTW: In EN the note title is not the unique identifier. in EN each note has its own unique identifier, a code that serves as handle in the database, when sharing and all the other activities. You can change the notes name - it still is the same object as before.

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Any change to a document will cause the edited flag to be reset. Once the flag is reset on a file in an import folder or is treated as a new item and Evernote will import it again.

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