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Reduce App size on iPhone

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Love Evernote and use it daily, but have noticed that its taking up quite a bit of space on my iPhone. Is there a way to go through notes and do something to reduce the app size? Am I looking for attached docs or images that I need to make smaller?  Delete old/unused notes? What are the things that take up the most space? I looked through forum and app and didnt see any SORT BY -> NOTE SIZE features. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hi.  Evernote does not default to keeping anything permanent on a mobile device.  There's lots in temporary storage,  which will be cleared if it's needed,  but unless you opt to keep notebooks on your device for 'offline access',  the only permanent thing there will be a search index.  If in doubt,  sync Evernote,  then uninstall the app and power the phone off and on again to clear caches.  Reinstall Evernote. 

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That is what I see on my iPhone, with no active downloads. It is at position 22 of my app list. I wouldn’t call this a lot of space at all.


If you see a lot more, you should check in app settings, offline if you have by accident activated any notebooks for offline download.

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Thanks so much for the messages!

I did have the "Offline Access" enabled (not realizing it) and so I turned that off and did what you said, and it freed up about 3.6 GB of space on my phone. I know it freed up that much space because I was able to download my latest iOS update and it wouldn't let me do it (for lack of that much space) before doing this.

But interestingly, it still says I have the same amount (as before I did the above) tied up in Documents and Data (see photo).


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