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More restrictive Google account access



The ability to paste a link to a doc in Google Drive and have the title displayed is really useful, but having to give Evernote the ability to "See, edit, create and delete all of your Google Drive files" is way over the top. Please could you change this to just read-only access? Good security is about defence in depth, and the ability to use the most restrictive access would be better.

Is there a reason Evernote needs all these other permissions? I don't see anything in the app that allows you to edit, create or delete Google Drive files.

I've seen comment that you are only allowing your personal Evernote account to access your personal Google account, but this is not always the case. I have a corporate Google account, and access to shared documents.

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There is no "layered" access to Google - since neither Google nor the user have an understanding of what an app may need to access, you grant access, or you deny it. The list you are quoting is just saying "oh, full access means ...".

It can be sort of shocking to see what access in detail is granted - but you are granting full access for one personal account for another personal account. You have full access to both, they belong to you - so where is your problem ?

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