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I have gone on YT,  googled it up, and there are plenty of how-tos to make a to do list on evernote. However none of the icons depicted on those  etc appear on my evernote  page. Evernote to me is about as useful as opening up a txt file. Except for the font selection. Pic of my screen with comments attached. Also, there is nowhere else to go on evernote. I've right clicked all the icons. Nothing. There is also no "Help section". Just "i" for information, which is only information on the page. Which is hilarious.

Evernote would have to be the most non intuitive piece of software I have ever come across. Every software I have ever used has trained me to look for the "help section", or led me to an actual video that shows me how to do something. They have a help search sections. Evernote has none of that.

Screenshot 2022-12-31 091723.png

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All videos on YT older than September (iOS) or October 2020 only show the old, now deprecated clients.

General organizational videos can still be used (with a grain of caution), all technical videos should not be used any more.

EN itself runs a pretty complete YT library with updated videos, answering many questions.

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On the old, outdated, deprecated client you obviously are still using, there is a help menu (on desktops). Since it is a piece of dead software nobody will create help content to further support it.

Update to the new software generation to get in sync with recent help and tutorials again.

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On 12/30/2022 at 3:33 PM, Brendon5374 said:

Evernote would have to be the most non intuitive piece of software I have ever come across.

Not my experience at all. Here is a good YouTube channel to help you out: https://www.youtube.com/@vladcampos

Also, you are using the 2+ year old web version -- you'd be better served by using the new v10 version. Go to your Personal Settings and make sure the 'Enable V10+ web clients" is checked.


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