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Is it just me having the sync issues?

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I was an Evernote user years ago and then migrated to Notion because of the constant sync conflicts.

However, I miss the offline features and would much rather work with Evernote. So I tested the cheap 50% offer and after 2 days I had duplicate notes and sync problems again. 

But, I can't imagine that I'm the only one having the problems.

As an example, I spent 2-3 hours on the Mac importing some notes from Notion to Evernote by hand. Then on the iPad marked all notes as available offline and waited until everything was downloaded.

In the evening I was sitting at the iPad editing a note and I got a sync issue and the note was duplicated. I also found 2 notes with half content.

How can this happen and am I the only one with the problem?

I have also had contact with support before. The support is fast and friendly, but could not help me either, except to forward the logs to the developers.

Here in the forum I read posts about sync problems or missing notes, but the majority seems to have no problems.

For me sync and that notes do not disappear is very important, but I think it is important for everyone.

Now I am in a conflict. I would like to use Evernote. Currently I am between Notion and Apple Notes. I don't know if I should continue to look into Evernote.

What is your opinion on this?

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With the current syncing, a full note is synced, even if the changes have been minor. This can lead to problems. In many cases it is related to having the same note open in editing mode on several devices - which creates a conflict situation on the server, when competing changes are synced to the server copy. EN always syncs from the device where editing took place to the server, and from there to all other devices.

We have had reports as well that EN was only active on one device, and only one note was edited - and duplicates were created. I am to sure if an body really knows what is going on then. Personally I had a few (less than 5) duplicate occasions myself while using the new EN version for 2 years now.

What we know is that a new syncing method is currently in beta testing, and we expect it to roll out any time now. We have to wait and see if it fixes the duplication problems as well. 

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I have been using Evernote since 2009 and they have never achieved to resolve the sync problem which seems a non-issue in Google Docs even when multiple people edit the same document at the same time. Amazing! 

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I personally have hardly any sync or duplication issues and I use Evernote across two Macs, a Windows machine (or two), iPhone, and iPad. With my mobile devices I might wait a few seconds before I try to start updating content because I create most of my content and Desktop and there is quite a bit to update and sync down to the mobile devices. In the last 2 years I've probably had less than 5 issues and I use Evernote almost all day, every day. Edit: Since the beginning of using Evernote... (2014 maybe?) I've only had one syncing issue where I lost data (and I could have restored if I had had the version history feature back then as I was only on the Plus subscription at that time) and a handful of times where there has been weird note duplication issues and I use Evernote almost all day, every day (especially over the last 3 or so years).

To expound on what Pink said regarding the beta testing...

These two comments from the CIO show that major sync improvements have been under way and are now being tested:

  • As I write this blog post, our new collaborative editing capability, which allows multiple people to edit the same note simultaneously, and individuals to edit the same note on multiple devices without note conflicts, is in early days of beta testing around the world.
  • And most importantly, over the course of 2022, we will complete our multi-year journey to a more reliable, faster, and more modern sync architecture—the very backbone of the Evernote experience.

I'm hopeful that we'll soon see a major improvement in syncing like never before in the history of Evernote. (And even if we didn't, for whatever reason, current sync hasn't been a bother for me at all personally.)

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