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Notes of the last 2 years missing



I have been using Evernote on my phone for a long time. 6 months ago, I changed my phone and, as expected, after installing Evernote and logging in, I could access to all my old notes. Two days ago I lost said phone. I logged into the web version, from my PC, to look for some recent notes, but to my surprise the most recent note that I can find, when going to Notes and sorting them by most recent daate, is from 2 years ago (September 2020). If I look for the notes using the search function, writing some of the keywords of the notes that I am looking for, their title does appear, but when I click on it it doesn´t load.

How can I recover or access to all the notes that seem to have gone missing?

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I am experiencing a similar problem.

My Evernote Clipper browser extension stopped working. I reinstalled it. 

Now Evernote web shows my account with everything from the last several years GONE.  The most recent note in All Notes is from 2017. 

Evernote says "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator"


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