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What are you doing? Evenote

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I've been a heavy user of Evernote for long.

I'd just like to tell to Evernote teem.

"Please don't compete the variety of functions with Notion. Please enhance the basic usability."

That's what we want. The image copy/paste problem is super fundamental. 

I can point other fundamental issues that Evernote team despises. This would be the problem of management.

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13 hours ago, k00tsuka said:

I'd just like to tell to Evernote teem.

Hi.  We're a (mainly) user-supported forum.  If you want to feed back to Evernote I'd suggest a Support ticket (if you're a subscriber) or the Feedback link in most apps.

For what it's worth I totally agree with you - speed and efficiency is far more important to users than being able to use some of the new features! 

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No problem with copy/paste. Maybe because I am on MacOS, not this other disfunctional OS …

OT: Just installed Win11, and had to go to the machine room for some settings. Couldn’t believe it: Deeper down some menus look like right out of XP or even before (Win95 ?!). With all the money they are making, you should expect they could have taken this to a next level since, down in Redmond.

Up to now I am pretty happy with the course the EN team took with v10. We get more and more functions that used to be platform specific now on all platforms alike. This means that effort invested on desktop is not wasted when on mobile (nested tags), or functions suddenly work on the Mac that used to be Windows-Specific (Import folders).

Tasks have been a very applicable extension - it allows to make notes actionable. Super useful for following leads like in a CRM, for meeting notes, for all sort of project work, and the like.

I am now waiting to see what this new syncing will spawn - like real collaborative editing of shared notes.

All this has nothing to do with „App B does this, Competitor C does that“.

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People sometimes wonder whether Evernote staff read these forums, and if not, why not. I'd like to suggest that one reason they don't get too involved here is the dueling demands of some who say, for instance, "Evernote, don't try to be like Notion!" while others say, "Evernote, why don't you catch up with Notion?" I have to assume that Evernote has its own course laid out, and they really need not and should not be distracted from it by trying to balance out responses to inconsistent complaints from users, including inconsistent claims about what is fundamental. Part of Evernote's brilliance is its flexibility for a great variety of purposes, which can only mean a great variety in what we, its users, consider "fundamental."

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