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Search sometimes defaults to the default notebook only...

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Anyone else noticed this?

Brief background - I have a default notebook (obvs) but most of my ongoing projects are in their own little niche notebooks of which I have about 300 now.  There are still quite a few notes in default,  because I haven't gotten around to doing anything with them yet.  (Maybe next year...)

I had a situation recently when I noticed that a note I knew I had created,  did not show up in a search;  but when I repeated the action it magically reappeared.

Then I noticed that if I randomly showed a default notebook note in the main note window I got a 'special' search window where the default was to search the... er,  default notebook,  but I could choose 'everything' as an option!

This additional option does not appear when a non-default note is in the main window.  I can see how this might help with some searches,  but (the usual reaction) it's just annoying me!

Anyone know the reason for this 'feature' or ways to nuke it??


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If I am not mistaken, this was added on user requests some months ago.

It should be based on a search started from a certain notebook, or from the general notes listing. From a notebook it should grab it as search filter by default. From the notes listing it should search „All“ by default.

Don’t remember whether there was a settings option to activate / deactivate this feature.

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2 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Going to any notebook makes it the "default" search location

Well bless my soul - you're eactly right.  Guess I must've missed a memo somewhere!  Thanks guys.  I can work around this now... B)

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