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Add a means to easily extend functionality of Evernote via plug-ins (not integrations)



There are a lot of features I wish Evernote had built in. 


  • Flowchart / Mind mapping
  • Markdown support
  • Automatic exports
  • Extended tagging system
  • Backlinks
  • Wiki simulation

Most of those will never end up in the main product. 

Looking at things like Emacs, VSCode, Obsidean, and other that offer a clean and reasonable way to extend the features
of the base produc. 

Given that (I think) Evernote runs on electronic like VsCode surely a lot can be learned from how  they do it. 
It will be harder since Evernote was not designed (I think) for plug-in extensions to begin with, so 
lots of hooks are probably missing. 

i would ike to see an active development of all sorts of added features by lovers of Evernote
Who want a bit more than the base product offers. 


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It is a question of the business model.

Up to now EN has build the app as a closed shop - functions are available from EN, or they are not available. There are exceptions through the API, which is used by a number of independent developers. This feeds either content into the main app, or extracts it from there. But the API does not allow to extend the core functionality.

From looking how it is designed today, I doubt we will ever see such a platforming approach. But of course I might be wrong.

You can contact EN via feedback or support ticket.

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