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i am personal user and i don't want to get disturbed by your advertisement evernote!

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i don't want to get disturbed by your professinal service 

i don't want to get disturbed by your functional notification 

I'll watch your response and when the time that alarm disturbing continues i'll shift to NOTION !

Why I Should be disturbing with my PRODUCTIVITY APP? evenote!


나는 퍼스널 유저인데 왜 내가 프로페셔널 알람을 "매일" 받아야함?

나는 니들 기능 알림이나, 프로페셔널 구독하라는 제의를 솔까 받고 싶지 않음

이게 내 최후 통첩이고, 솔까 1년 구독 끝날 때쯤에 이 짜증나는 알람이 계속되면 나는 노션 갈거임.

에버노트야 왜 내가 내 생산성 앱에게 방해를 받아야 하는 지 모르겠음.


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Hi.  We're (mostly) all users here,  so they're not "our" ads you're seeing.  There are several threads on this topic in the forums and the general response is usually - contact Evernote Support to raise an objection. 

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