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Roundup of our Q4 updates

Guest Anibal I.

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Guest Anibal I.

Hi All, 

Since our last roundup, we've been burning the midnight oil to get more enhancements to you before the year’s end. In the past three months, we've launched or upgraded a bunch of features that will help you organize your life and accomplish more.

Here's the Q4 rundown:

iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets
Capture inspiration any time, stay on top of your task list, and create new items in Evernote—right from your iPhone’s Lock Screen. 

To get started, touch and hold the Lock Screen, then tap the ‘Customize’ button when it appears. Tap the box above or below the time display and scroll to Evernote to see the available widgets. Tap or drag the widgets you would like to add. Tap ‘Done.’

Taking Tasks up a notch
We've made it easier for you to check off those to-dos by adding ‘Today, ‘Tomorrow,’ and ‘Repeat’ as options for setting due dates right in the task creation window—no extra clicks required. 

Also, we're continuing to improve recurring tasks, thanks to your feedback! Now on the ‘Custom’ recurrence screen, you can say when you want the recurrence to start, as well as choose from more specific monthly recurrence options, such as "the 2nd Thursday."

Easier meeting note sharing
If you have your Google Calendar connected to Evernote, sharing meeting notes with everyone who was (or will be) at an event is a breeze. Simply click the new ‘Share note with participants’ link to automatically add everyone listed on the calendar invite. 

Improvements to note links
It’s now easier to add links to other notes in Evernote. Just go to the Insert menu (the blue ‘+’ sign) and select ‘Note link,’ or use the new keyboard shortcut: Cmd + Opt + K on Mac or Ctrl + Alt + K on Windows.
Once you’ve added an Evernote link to your note, you can choose to display the link as a preview card instead of a plain text link. This makes it easier to tell what's in that linked note and creates a view that's great for organizing projects or even making a kanban board.

Notes the way you work
By popular request, you can change more note settings to better fit your flow. Choose whether you want your cursor to start in the note body or the title and whether or not you want checklist items crossed out when completed. You can also choose the default view for links and attachments in notes to see them in the way that works best for you.

Spreadsheet previews
Working with business documents just got better. If you’re an Evernote Professional or Teams customer, you can now see a preview of the contents of any spreadsheet you add to a note. That way, you can refer to what's inside, scroll through the rows and columns, and even navigate tabs without having to download it first.

Bulk action improvements
We’ve raised the limit on the number of notes you can take multiple actions on. That means double your moves, edits, tags, deletes, and merges—and double the productivity.

Say goodbye to auto-update interruptions
No more annoying pop-ups when Evernote is updating on Windows or Mac. Auto-updates will download quietly and stay in the background until you’re ready, so you can keep focusing on what’s important.

We hope you’re enjoying the latest features. Make sure to keep Evernote up to date on all your devices so that it has access to these and future improvements. We’ll always let you know what’s new in the release notes for each update!

To see the full list of all our recent enhancements, check out our release notes archive. And if you’re interested in how we deliver updates, read this article to see how we share new releases with our customers.
As always, please let me know if you have any questions. See you next year!


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