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How to stop "Save 25% on Professional" adverts!

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I pay for Evernote Personal and keep seeing adverts for Evernote Professional while I'm trying to work!  There's an advert permanently on the bottom left, another stuck on the top left menu, another just popped up in the middle of the screen!  Another in my Inbox. 

How do I stop this increscent spam (don't say upgrade)? 

There is literally nothing in the professional package that would benefit me over the personal package.  If it had valuable features such as end to end encryption, full notebook encryption, a proper notebook tree structure, full offline backup syncing, code syntax highlighting, etc I would definitely consider it.  But it doesn't and most of the features it does offer, I already have much better alternatives elsewhere, such as Todoist for my task management.

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Hi.  We're a (mostly) user-supported Forum here, so have no control over Evernote Marketing (I'm not sure anyone has control...). 

If you feel that the nagverts are intrusive,  I can only suggest that you raise a support ticket and ask that they be stopped,  or at least reduced to 'occasional' rather than 'constant'.  The email offers and reminders you may receive can be flagged as spam,  but if the notices come up as part of the app,  AFAIK you have no control at all,  other than to click through and continue.  There was a suggestion that if you hit the 'upgrade' option and then close the window once that process has started,  but before you're committed,  then you might get a little peace & quiet for a while.  I've not tried it.

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3 hours ago, Samo123 said:

an advert permanently on the bottom left

I'm curious what that one looks like. Care to take a snippet and post it?

3 hours ago, Samo123 said:

another stuck on the top left menu

Is this under the account profile drop down?

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@gazumped Thanks for the feedback, I'll give that a try.

@Boot17 I use Evernote on my Work PC through the browser, we're not allowed to install 3rd party software, plus I wouldn't want all my personal notes syncing with their PC.  This is what I permanently see on the bottom left when logged in.


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@Samo123 Thanks for those shots. Wow - yeah - that's no good. I can see a one time popup or something, but that undismissable advert in the side bar...

FWIW, I'm on the Personal plan too and I don't get either of those in the browser. (I mean, I opened it up in the browser just now and don't see them, but I'm usually on the Desktop and mobile versions.)

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@Samo123 Afterthought: Have you ever checked which of the notification options in your account settings you have turned on ?

My experience is similar to @Boot17 - I sometimes, but rarely get notified, and not in the way you are reporting.

You can turn notifications down to a minimum in account information, personal settings:



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Thanks all for the feedback.

@PinkElephant  I've checked my email notifications and disabled a few but I don't think any will affect this issue unfortunately.  I've also raised a case with Evernote's support, it'll be interesting to see if they come back with anything helpful.  If anything, at least they'll be aware of my dissatisfaction.

@Boot17  I just checked the web interface via my personal PC, where I normally use the Windows app, and unfortunately the advert's also there.  I thought it may be a cache issue but it looks the same in incognito as well.  Maybe they think I'm a prime candidate for the professional version!

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