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Inserting new row

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Hi there, I have a templated sheet where I list out various tasks and mark them checked to complete them out. The example attached is a TV watch list. 

Is there a shorthand or quick way to quickly add another row above or below? Right now, I have to select the row and then I have the option to add another. I figured the right functionality would be to tap tab at the end of a row to create another one. Is there a better way?

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 2.48.20 PM.png

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Hey man. You well? I guess how quick are you looking for, right? For all my use cases, clicking on the row and hitting the blue + sign is plenty quick enough (less than a second). Not a big user of keyboard shortcuts and there may be something there even quicker, but I don't know man....I kind of feel it may be swift enough already, no?


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To tab „Tab“ at the end of a row will make the Corsair jump to the first cell of the next row. Only when the cursor is in the very last cell of the table, a tab will add another row.

This is consistent to the Tab function in tables in other programs.

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