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I am not sure if I understand clearly. At the end of the email received today showing the new price:

´The price of your Annual subscription will increase from 34.99 USD to 49.99 USD per Year. The new price will take effect on your next renewal, 1/8/2023.¨



There is this note at the end offering a discount:
¨Note: We're offering our longest-time customers a chance to try all the new features we've introduced with 25% off a year of Evernote Personal.¨

Should I understand 25% for one year or 25% per year for long-time customers?

I ask this question because I received another email this morning with 50%  on Personal plan:

¨Finish your year strong—more organized, better flow, less stress. Give yourself the gift of productivity with 50% off Evernote Personal.¨
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Possibly you got two different offers because your renewal date is in January: a 25% discount for a year related to that, and a 50% discount for a year that went out to lots of people just as a year-end offer. If you take either offer, and you're currently on an older plan like Plus, be aware that you can't drop back to that after a trial discount year on Personal. You'll have to stay on Personal or drop all the way to Free, because Plus and other older plans aren't available any longer.

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Instead of thinking about the rebate strategy, I would first decide what I need for my use case, and then pick the best fit for myself.

Rebates are for one year only, so we talk about something like maybe 15 or 20$ in difference between the offers. This is not nothing, but hardly a reason to loose sleep reasoning. If Plus is still what suits you best, then I don’t think that one year rebates are the core issue here.

Because once you leave a grandfathered subscription, you can’t turn around again.

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