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Lengthy Notes with links/attachments cause browser to hang

Jeff G
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It appears that the new feature to have previews of links / attachments in Notes is causing the browser to hang significantly. Depending on how long the Note is and how many links affects how long your browser hangs.

I tested this with Edge and Chrome (latest) as well as in Chrome incognito.

It seems to me there should be an option to disable this preview feature. Not everyone wants / needs to see previews.

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14 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

And so there is: ⚙️ icon top left > Preferences > Notes > Links and attachments, make the choices for each type.

I actually did try that...I went and set those settings to be as basic as they can be. I even went as far as removing all links from this particular note. Every time I open this lengthy note, it stalls on me...then I scroll down and it stalls again. It will stall 3 or 4 times then the note will scroll freely. If I go to a different note that is more than a page (screen view) long, it will stall as well. The longer the note, the more stalling. 


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On 12/16/2022 at 5:29 PM, Dave-in-Decatur said:

So the issue is a lengthy note, nothing to do with attachments. There have been other reports of problems with long notes in Chrome -- take a look around the forums and add your voice to those discussions, for instance:

So it turns out the issue was isolated to one particular machine. I tested on a couple others and the issue did not follow. (and now the issue has mysteriously disappeared....go figure :) )

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