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Turn off shared note notifications?

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I have a note with multiple links to other notes and don't want the person I'm sharing the note with to get multiple emails before I send them "main note". They don't have Evernote. Just curious if there are any work arounds?

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Hi.  I think you'd just confuse your share-ee with that general process.  I'd suggest you try it out on yourself - switch on the note share URL and use a private browser to access it.  Then try the linked notes.  There are ways to make a 'home page' out of a note with lots of linked child notes,  but they involve quite a lot of effort.

As an option,  the freemium add-in app Postach.io will convert a normal Evernote notebook into a public website - it involves a small learning curve,  but it takes care of all the boring technical stuff for you.  As example,  I have a sadly neglected set of pages there via Cliffe Actual (postach.io) 

Good luck with the project - please let us know how you eventually proceed.

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Thanks for the quick reply,

You were right... it is confusing. When I click on a link to a child note it opens a login page to Evernote. Seems like a bad assumption on my part, if I gave the shar-ee the shareable link and and then went to the child note and gave them access by using the "invite someone" and their email, that would let them access the child note (without having to install evernote). So am I correct that using a add-in and converting the note to a webpage is really the only option for a shared note that has child links? If that is correct is Postach.io the only option?

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46 minutes ago, RsM said:

If that is correct is Postach.io the only option?

Hi again.  Postach.io is the only integration that I'm aware of that can take the contents of a notebook and convert it to a website.  Onbviously a notebook doesn't have the same parent / child structure of your average website - their standard format is a blog.  But you can create links between notes to generate a fair approximation.  There's not much of a learning curve,  but you may have to adapt your content to what is available.

As to the need for an add-in at all...   you have already seen that while you can open a web page for which you have the URL,  you can't open child links created within Evernote.  To do the same thing manually,  you'd need the public URL of each of your child pages,  and you'd have to recreate all your links,  not as note links,  but as links to the public URL for each note.  Depending on how many links are involved,  that might take a while...

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Got it, I have converted all my links to "Shareable link" instead of "Invite someone" and everything works. Looks like when I start making my notes more complicated with imbedded videos or audios Postach.io is going to be the way to go.

I appreciate your help esp. setting up a test on a private browser.


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