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New Evernote upload removed the option to highlight text

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Hello, after the recent update my tool section looks like this below:


The highlighting option disappeared and I am very dependent in my work on it . Please bring it back somehow or tell me how I can bring it back, it was really a downgrade for me :((

Edit: I also realised  that I cannot copy paste pictures into my notes anymore with the new update. Another crucial downgrade for me. If there are no solutions yet, is it somehow possible to downgrade the current version again?

This is how i was always doing my notes and i cannot put images in anymore neither highlight (purple below). Could it also be a windows or browser issue, with the images?


Kind regards


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29 minutes ago, Frozen Nick91 said:

Hello, after the recent update my tool section looks like this below:

What version is this and on what platform? It certainly does not look like desktop version of V10, where highlighting is still an option.


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I use Evernote Personal in the Vivaldi Browser. I got the suggestion to update two days ago and since then it looks like i sent you.

The desktop version looks still the old way, this I also realised.

But I need to use the browser version for my work.

I also just figured out that I have to upload every picture now, so I can add it to a note. Before I could just copy paste and had not to save the image on the pc before. So a lof of things got worse!


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I'm still confused. This is a screen shot from the Evernote personal in the Chrome browser.


Looks pretty much the same as the desktop version.

It's version 10.50.10 (click bottom left "Need a little help" and then "release notes".

I can also copy and paste an image from a webpage or from a file on my computer into a note in the chrome web version of EN. 

This may be an issue with the browser but I'm definitely not an expert in that. If you are a paying member it may well be worth raising a support ticket as I don't believe the problem you have is a very general one.

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I use Vivaldi and highlighting is there for me.

You may be using the older web interface. Check in Account --> Personal Settings --> Web Client


@PinkElephantVivaldi is basically Chrome with a productivity UI and a gazillion settings😂 It reports itself as Chrome to websites so *should* work the same.

Try it out... it's great and made in Iceland/Norway!

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29 minutes ago, Frozen Nick91 said:

Hello jon/t when you talk about personal settings, do you mean in the vivaldi browser? Sorry for the question but i cannot find the path :(

In the Evernote web app - top left behind your profile you should see an Account Info link.


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You can‘t „download“ an update for the web client. The web client runs inside of the browser session. The code always refreshes itself when the web client is opened. But there is a switch in your account settings to decide whether to use the „classical“ or the new client. EN has warned about 1 year ago that in the classical client malfunctions can occur because they stop updating it.

From looking at the view of your web client, it is the „classical“, deprecated version. I post a screenshot below from one of my test accounts how it should look if on the new client.

Go to your account information, account overview, Evernote Web and switch to the new client.


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5 hours ago, Frozen Nick91 said:

Hello, yes thank you I found it and the check mark was activated so this is not the reason

Maybe your "use v10" checkmark is selected, but you are *definitely* still using the old version of Evernote for some reason.

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