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Scrap in a mobile phone

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Does anyone have any problem when uploading contents to Evernote?

I failed every time when I tried. I just wonder what was wrong. 

On webpage, all are ok to be loaded into my Evernote but on my mobile phone (Android, Samsung Galaxy Note 20), I cannot save my mobile pages to my evernote.

Evernote does not provide mobile service for Android phone?

I was a heavy user but a bit stressed..


Remark: 43,626 articles are saved in my Evernote. Is it too many for me to add more via mobile phone? or just an error from Evernote though it happens everytime when I try to save articles from my mobile phone.

Hoping to get it fixed but I waited two years until now..


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  • Evernote Expert

Hi @Charley Hyun. Before we can offer much insight it would be helpful to know whether you are using a paid or free account. Also, which version of the Android app are you using?

In general, there are reports of some challenges with the Android app. Sharing content into Evernote on Android seems to work well enough on my device with the latest Android app. However, my perception is that problems are reported more often with Samsung devices. (That's my perception, nothing definite).

I'd uninstall the app, reboot and reinstall on the phone.

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  • Level 5

From your forum post it is not clear for me if you have the mobile client installed on your Android device. If yes, it should work by sharing content to the EN client, and the client then syncing it to the cloud server holding the master copy.

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