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Google Calendar Widget does not work

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Evernote used to show my appointments, but it does not anymore. I get no appointments visible in my calendar and my new calendars (in one calendar account) do not appear. I have tried: 

- different browsers

- removing the link between google and evernote

- restarting my laptop

- removing cookies & cache.


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I am having same issue.  Have tasks set up for recurring calendar days, and the tasks are also listed as events in my Google calendar, which is linked.  The calendar widget does not show these events.  I am working on a Windows 10 PC and have and Evernote Professional account.  Evernote version 10.50.10 is installed.  Screen shot pasted below:


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@Condor, can you confirm that no Calendar events are displaying... If that's the case a solution I've seen once was to disconnect your Google account in the Evernote settings then reconnect.

Remember, there is no connection between tasks and a Google calendar. 

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