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Note counts are different on each device I am using



I have Evernote installed on the following devices:

1) iPhone 7 Plus iOS 15.1 Evernote 10.42 (1126623)
2) iPhone XS Max iOS 12.3.1 Evernote
3) MacBook Pro MacOS 10.15.7 Evernote 7.14 (458244 Direct)

Evernote is sync'd and up to date on every device. However, my total note count is different on each device:

1) iPhone 7 Plus: 7,480 notes
2) iPhone XS Max: 7,562 notes
3) MacBook Pro: 7,5658 notes

Please help me understand why this is.
Which number of notes is correct?
And why are some notes missing from some devices?

I have a paid subscription (PLUS member).

Thank you.

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For closure on this topic, with the assistance of Evernote customer support, it was determined the presence of a "joined" notebook in my account accounted for the discrepancy in note counts. Joined notebooks only show on Evernote Legacy for Mac and my older iPhone XS Max client, but not in Evernote Web and my newer iPhone 7 Plus client. After I removed the joined notebook, the note counts on all my devices matched perfectly. Thanks for the other ideas posted on this thread.

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You are running 2 legacy clients. This is deprecated software, nobody really knows what is going in in that black box.

The official note count is what you get when you open the web client. Any client with its own local database can build up problems that lead to a different note count.

Don‘t believe that the legacy software could not generate such errors - when I hunted down my count differences, legacy was a major driver of the difference.

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Well thanks for that insight. I'm a software engineer so I fully understand the issues you describe.

For reasons beyond this discussion I have had to maintain the older versions.

But at this stage, I am most interested in doing a comm to figure out which notes are missing on which device. So I can reconcile them, and recover any that might be lost otherwise.

Is there a recommended procedure for doing this?

FWIW, the web note count agrees with the newer client that's installed on the iPhone 7 Plus.

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Legacy Mac (from memory). Hold down the opt-key before opening the Help menu. You see an additional menu item (I think at the end of the menu list) with troubleshooting options, among them repair options for the database. You can try them one by one - just leave enough time for one to execute before calling the next.

On the iPhone XS I don't know whether deleting the client would be a good idea. You could try to log out first, close the client and restart the phone. See if it fixes something when logging back in.

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Thanks, I'll try those. Agree that uninstalling the legacy app might not be a good idea as I probably won't be able to re-install them.


Wondering if the following approach is also worthwhile: is it possible to install the new desktop client on my MacBook Pro alongside the legacy app? Because if they are both installed, I can export the notes from each one and do a diff on the XML dumps to identify which are the missing notes. Since the legacy app has more notes than the newer web app, I am thinking that if there is corruption in the legacy app db, i can identify them by comparing with the new desktop app db.

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You can install legacy and v10 side by side. I assume you don’t use local notebooks on the current legacy install.

Then you install v10. Use the direct download, not the AppStore version. It will probably convert the legacy installation, and create its own database.

After v10 is installed, you can reinstall legacy. It will draw a fresh copy from the server as well, which will solve any corruption issue.

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