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I can't resize the columns of Evernote

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Mac ?! Ventura ?! Legacy Client ?!

OK, you are doomed: Legacy is deprecated, end of life. And Ventura didn’t outright break it, but it decided to narrow it down to what you see.

There is no fix, and for legacy there will never be one (unless Apple works some magic in one of the future releases of MacOS).

You can switch to v10 however, and use it for the future. Not so doomed after all !

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I'm having the same issue now. It worked fine until I resize the note window and now my note window is narrow as in your screenshot. 

It is driving me crazy!!!! 

Any solutions? 1731265606_Screenshot2023-01-23at10_43_35PM.thumb.png.f308b5990e2d2e91095a9ea7472377c6.png

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Mac … Ventura … out of luck.

Use v10, legacy on Ventura is handicapped. Since the software is deprecated, and probably Apple did nothing apart of removing a software library on which legacy was depending, I don‘t see much perspective that this will be switched back again.

Legacy always was a living dead, and now it is seriously limping.

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