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Cannot open notes on PC or phone

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Good day, I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if I seem rude.

My problem is: I last used Evernote about 4 hours ago, that was on PC. Then I assigned a number of notes from the general notebook to a specific one. Now I cannot sign in on the computer. When I click "sign in" the screen changes to white and stays that way.

On my phone the app does open and it does display note titles. But I cannot open a note, and the search function never turns up anything.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Update: I can sign in in Safari, but still not in Firefox (which is my standard browser). In Safari, all my notes are there and accessible. Should I just reainstall the app?

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Yes, this seems to be the standard. Says the same in my devices view.

But ok, you are within the devices limit, so it should work.

You can only try to erase the EN website data in the browsers you are using, restart the browser and try again.

As a rule of thumb when switching browsers or devices try to really log out of your account on one before you try to open EN on another.

The other option would be an installed client, but then you loose the web option, since it counts as another device.

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On what type of account are you - Free or subscription ?

To which clients do you refer ? The installed ones, or the web client ?

Because you say on a PC (which is usually Windows), then Computer (which is generic) and phone (generic as well), and then o.n Safari, which must be on a Mac.

I find it confusing to be told a bunch of devices, but without clear information about type, OS and EN client.

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Apologies for not posting clearly. The problem occurred with a free account, on a Mac (Monterey 12.6) in Firefox, in the web client, and also in the Android app (Xiaomi Redmi 7A, Android 11). It did not occur in Safari on the same Mac.

However, after reinstalling the app everything is in working order again, even the web client in Firefox.

Thank you for your patience.

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The problem is there again, albeit only on the computer.

This time the phone app works fine. But on the Mac I cannot open my notes in Firefox OR Safari. In Firefox the web client is stuck after login on an empty screen. In Safari it will sometimes get as far as displaying empty note boxes, but no more. Usually it shows an empty screen with the green loading ring. Again, I should be grateful for any helpful hints.

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