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Nonsense, there is never an end to the worst

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I recently noticed that the generate internal link function on android was producing a web link. I no longer expect anything good from En.
Today I'm updating EN on Android (the notes mention the improvement of the internal link creation function and a big news, the offline notes) You just don't know what shame means.

Anyway, to my surprise the function generate external link on android now works but, it has a different format and the link created by android doesn't work on the windows client.

How did you sell Evernote! In this you are magicians.

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1 hour ago, Drugo said:

How did you sell Evernote! In this you are magicians

We didn't sell Evernote. These forums are user to user. If you want to complain to Evernote staff you need to open a support ticket.

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Actually if EN stock would have been traded, I would have invested right after v10 launched.

So much perspective, most of the development cost already written off, and a lot of negative hum-drum to bring the prices down.

Unfortunately they were as privately held back then, as they are today.

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On 12/10/2022 at 4:39 PM, PinkElephant said:

For me it is working since long.

The only PITA is the slow initial download. Once this is done, it works, at least on my iOS devices. No idea about Android.

It is a nice addition that single notes can be selected. 

Works i Android as well.

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