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Update does not work from 5.8.3 to 6.25 which says is ready.

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Update does not work from Win 10 standalone Premium 5.8.3 to 6.25 which says is ready. I go to download and get..

Unable to download the update. Please try later.

Do I need this update?  If so, can it be fixed please?



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  • Evernote Expert

The current desktop app is v10.50 which you can download from the Evernote website. It is very different to v5.83 but fully supported. 6.25 is a desktop app as well but deprecated.

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You can install and use both in parallel, at least for the time being.

- Each on creates its own local database, you need twice the capacity on the c:Drive .

- Both sync to and from the same server database 

- First download and install the legacy version 6.25 (link). Now Install v10 and upgrade again. Finally use the link provided to install legacy again.

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