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nested tags should show up in parent tag view

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I like the idea of nested tags but I think that clicking on a parent tag to show all notes tagged with that tag should also show the tags nested underneath the 'parent' tag.

Currently notes with nested tags do not show up when you click the parent tag to view all notes.

If a tag is nested underneath a parent then it should be included in views when the parent tag is selected. Surely?!

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First of all you need to specify the client you want to use. Desktop, Mobile and Web work slightly different, due to the UI restrictions.

Second it is up to you to choose whether child tags should be included, or not. Here an example from the iPad client. Select the parent tag, click on the 3 dots and decide whether to include all child tags (no matter what level) or not.



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My opinion: It works in a certain way - anybody who takes  a look at the search / filter results can see it. There is no better or worse in how it is set up.

If somebody uses the parent tag for tagging may want to use it alone, without the childs.

And the cry for yet another setting is hollow - we will reach a point where complaints start about settings complexity.

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Apologies to all for my not having spotted the tiny down arrow which reveals the options for include/exclude sub-tags.

Wouldn't it be nice if Evernote would remember what we last selected rather than forcing us to keep selecting the option we want every time we return to that tag!

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