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Some Android notes are Grayed Out When Trying To Move a TASK from the default note.

Robert In Hawaii


Why are some notes grayed out in an Android Evernote Notebook (and some aren't) when trying to associate / move a task to a note from the tasks original default position?

I am using a Z Fold 4.



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Clarify that I am using an Android version of EN
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Hi @Robert In Hawaii

There are many reasons why this might happen. The Z fold is new technology and it may be that Evernote isn't playing well with the device.

Notes that are in the Trash will not be accessible. Likewise notes that have been shared with you without offering the ability to edit will be locked out.

So, I would take a look at the notes you cannot open and see what is unique about them.

Can you tell us which version of the Evernote app you have installed? 

Also please describe clearly the steps we would need to follow to reproduce what you are experiencing.


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